Life Insurance, Living Benefits and New Features

Life Insurance, Living Benefits and New Features

June 25, 2020

Life Insurance Carriers waive medical exams up to $3 Million of Coverage 

Traditionally, applying for life insurance meant scheduling an in-person medical exam that involved answering extensive personal medical questions and providing a urine and blood sample for evaluation by the carrier.

To keep all applicants and medical examiners safe while we, as a community, deal with COVID-19, life insurance carriers are waiving medical exams for up to $3 million! Although, carriers still require completing an application, applicants can now complete a telephone interview in lieu of completing the medical exam.

Now is the time…

If you have ever had any reservations about applying for life insurance because you were anxious about the medical exam, now is the time to apply for valuable life insurance coverage. By applying for life insurance now with no medical exam, you could have valuable life insurance in less than 2 weeks. Don’t wait!


Life Insurance Carriers Now Offer Living Benefits 

Independent Living…

What are Living Benefits? They are the key to independent living. Imagine that you or a loved one couldn’t go to the grocery store or clean your own home. Living Benefits, offered as a benefit of life insurance policies, provide you with money to pay for assistance for you with these tasks.

Living Benefits support you if you suffer from Alzheimer’s or ALS. If you had a heart attack or paralysis, you are covered and would benefit from having a life insurance policy with a Living Benefit rider.

How does it work? When you apply for life insurance, you select a benefit amount. From that amount, you are provided monthly amount to support you should you need care. You choose 1%, 2% or 4% that you want to receive per month in benefit. If you have $1 million of life insurance coverage and a 2% Living Benefit rider, you would receive reimbursement for expenses up to $20,000 per month for your care. Depending on how much you use, the remainder would go to your beneficiaries tax-free. For example, using this scenario, if you needed the full 2% for 10 months, you would have used $200,000 of the $1 million. If you passed at that point, your beneficiaries would receive $800,000, tax-free.

Living Benefits: help when you need it most. Apply today to reap the benefits of a life insurance policy with Living Benefits. Click or call today!

Review your life Insurance Now. Changes in your life require updated to your policy

Life happens. We hear it all the time. Stories of divorced couples neglecting to change the beneficiary on their respective life insurance policies and the new spouse is not named as the new beneficiary. Avoid the anger and resentment. Take time now to review your life insurance beneficiaries.


How Much Life Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

How much life insurance should you have? How much is enough? Will my family be protected if my income stops?

Make sure you have enough to protect your family. Call us today for a comprehensive review of your insurance policies.

You can get life insurance with no medical exam and policies that offer Living Benefits. Call us today for your personalized proposal.

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Eric Cohen 
CEO, Managing Director