Traverse - Personal Items Protection

Traverse - Personal Items Protection

April 23, 2019

Why Choose Traverse?

Traverse offers insurance for your phone, electronics, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more, at a low monthly price!
Prices starting at $5/ month 

Zero Deductible: With Traverse, you're covered up to the amount of insurance you buy. No fine print or hidden deductibles.
No long term commitment: That’s right, you can cancel at any time without penalty. We’ll even refund you for the time period remaining on your subscription if you cancel.
Covers lost, stolen, and broken devices: Many protection plans either don't cover or make you pay extra to cover your things if they're lost or stolen. With Traverse, the things you love are protected whether they are lost, stolen, or damaged.
Renters Liability: Traverse includes the option to add liability to your plan, which may satisfy your landlord's insurance requirement. Long story short, if you get sued and your claim is covered, we'll help.

Protect the things you love.
Cell phones, personal electronics, musical instruments, sporting equipment, cameras & equipment, jewelry, handbags. 

Please contact us at Benefit Quest to further inquire for all your personal items!
OR click on the below link to learn more and start.

Eric Cohen