Why is it important to evaluate your Life Insurance Program?

| November 25, 2019
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Have you though about any of the following? 

If you do not have a Life Insurance policy in place:

  1. Life insurance is part of your overall Financial Strategy and Plan.
  2. Your family is counting on it.

If you do have a Life Insurance policy in place:

  1. Your beneficiary designation needs to be up to date.
  2. If you have term insurance it may end too early.
  3. Prior policies may be calculated with higher expenses.
  4. Prior policies do not have same guarantee.
  5. Prior policies do not have Long Term Care Coverage included.
  6. Policy may have a loan that is costing more money.
  7. You may convert to a Paid up Policy.

For more information contact me for an analysis and evaluation.

I will provide a Comprehensive Review Checklist to help keep your coverage in order!

Eric Cohen, Managing Director
P: 212-389-7839 / F: 212-389-7828
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